To Sell Is Human

Secret Recipe for the Good Life: Begin with a GREAT morning!

This is how to begin your day to ensure a GREAT morning. Life is Good! You will need my secret recipe with the following ingredients:  holiday socks, warm whimsical PJs, hot aromatic coffee, pillows, and a good book. Your tactile senses will be activated in a very pleasing manner. Gather all ingredients, wiggle your toes, arrange […]


How to SHOW UP! Dan Pink’s Inner Circle of First Movers

My mentor, Robbie Motter, often exhorts her protégés to “SHOW UP!” I smile as I think about the power of those words once they are implemented. I have a “Show UP!” story that will knock your socks off. Robbie loves connecting people and showing them the POWER of SHOWING UP and ASKING for what it […]