Organization Development

Huge ROI When Your Organization Invests in Creative Thinking

ROI Assured by Developing Creative Competence If you are looking for some good news today, you will find it when you invest in developing creative thinking for your company. Currently your focus is on cost cutting and survival. Corporations need creativity to succeed especially during an economic downturn. Bringing creative thinking to your organization provides […]


Creativity is the new style of leadership!

Competency in creative leadership leads the list for standout CEOs according to the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study.  The survey included over 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from 60 countries and 33 industries. � Creativity is more important than rigor, management discipline, integrity or vision.  Creativity is identified as the leading competency.  Our world is becoming […]


Designing an Innovative Community Exclusively for OD Using Creativity and Imagination!

Imagine a world where organization development practitioners can access a global platform and find the tools they need to be effective and to maximize an organization’s performance. Imagine a place where you could develop your own creativity and leverage this new found knowledge with clients in your OD consulting practice. Imagine an innovative virtual community […]