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Trend Watch – Creativity Scores Headed Downward for U.S. #innovation

Have you ever thought about whether creativity could be measured?  It seems that in 1958 E. Paul Torrance designed a series of creativity tasks to measure creativity.  He administered his test to 400 children in Minneapolis.  I would question how accurate this creativity index would be in predicting creativity for adults.  I read a recent Newsweek […]


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most creative and innovative country of all?

Like many of my peers, I am an ethnocentric American. As patriotic citizens of the United States, we are taught Americans are the best in the world at everything. We are the leaders in creativity and innovation. After all we did send the first man to the moon. Is this still true or are we […]


Unleash your creativity and prepare yourself for innovation. Culture and art are economic drivers for our national recovery!

How do you unleash your creativity and prepare yourself for innovation?   First Lady, Michelle Obama said, “ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when given the proper tools.”   What tools do you need to promote the development of a creative economy?  Why do we even want a creative economy?   Think about our economic slowdown, our failed […]