To survive and thrive in today’s economic environment, you must learn how to think creatively! Applied Concepts Creativity provides thought leaders in the field of creative thinking who create a mind shift for your organization and take you from a place of nothing is possible to everything is possible. Creativity is a skill you can and must learn!

Connie’s journey began as eight year old Mexican migrant farm worker. She obtained her MBA and became a multi-million dollar top sales performer with the market leader in telecommunications. She is now a Creativity Developer and CEO of Applied Concepts Creativity. Developing your creative thinking is now her passion!

In Singapore at the American Creativity Association’s conference, a creative collaboration began with Lars Ringe, CEO of RobotLab. His process for innovation is RobotLab’s Innovation Simulations.

Applied Concepts Creativity now represents Pascal K’in Greub; Pavan Choudary, author of When You are Sinking Become a Submarine, Bala Kanayson of Whole Mind Success: John Cimino with Creative Leaps International, and David Tanner, Ph.D., author of Igniting Innovation, Through the Power of Creative Thinking.

Connie’s has been selected as a Victorious Woman of the month and honored by Kalon Women for Women’s History month. Connie’s leadership involvement includes: Business Women in Action, Greenville International Alliance of Professional Women, Dynamic Women’s Network, Business and Professional Women, Chamber of Commerce, Chair Sales Roundtable, Co-chair and Founder CEO Connection, Co-chair and Founder CEO Summit, Regional Alliance Chair for RTP Network for Women in Technology International (WITI). She is Creative Advisor to Greenville Forward, Founder of Green Think, Past Director of Membership for the American Creativity Association 2008, Creative Training Skills Council – Pacific/Asia (CTSC-PA).

Connie has been interviewed several times and named the “Queen of Creativity,” by Paul Lawrence Vann on The Wealthy Speaker Show on BlogTalkRadio. Connie is currently writing her book, Mind Shift: Migrant to Main.

Creativity is a skill you can learn! If you want to develop your creative thinking and thrive in this new creative economy, then contact Connie at connieharryman@att.net or 864-527-5930. You may review her internationally renowned creativity speaker’s bureau at www.AppliedConceptsCreativity.com