Secret Recipe for the Good Life: Begin with a GREAT morning!

This is how to begin your day to ensure a GREAT morning. Life is Good!

You will need my secret recipe with the following ingredients:  holiday socks, warm whimsical PJs, hot aromatic coffee, pillows, and a good book. Your tactile senses will be activated in a very pleasing manner.

Gather all ingredients, wiggle your toes, arrange your pillows on the sofa, snuggle in your PJs, sip your coffee, gently and slowly glide your hand over the smooth book cover, and slowly begin to turn the pages as you savor each word and sentence.

To Sell Is Human

We are all in sales!

As you can see, my first mover copy of Dan Pink’s latest book, To Sell is Human, just arrived. I am looking forward to reading it since he selected me to be part of his Dan Pink book launch team.

I am feeling ultra-special and a bit giddy. I have seen teasers about the contents. I have high expectations from Mr. Pink who is noted as a thought leader in thinking and is one of “The 50 Most Influential Management Gurus.”

I expect his book to be a perfect storm combining creative thinking, sales, people, and technology. I think I will learn that those who are not in sales will especially need to read this book.

If you are looking for some very cool Christmas gifts for the thinking people in your life, then you will find a stocking full of goodies at Dan Pink’s website but it is only for first movers.

You will thank me for giving you the heads up! Can you tell I am an unabashed Dan Pink fan? Stay tuned and I will share what I learn.

Full disclosure: I am a member of the To Sell Is Human launch team and will be receiving the goodies above as well as the advance reading copy of the book and a signed copy of the hardcover. I am not being paid for my review (good or bad) or receiving any other compensation. I have paid for all the other copies of Dan’s books that I own as well as those I have given away as gifts. In other words, I am not in this for the freebies and accolades but because I really admire Dan’s books and ideas.


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