How to SHOW UP! Dan Pink’s Inner Circle of First Movers

My mentor, Robbie Motter, often exhorts her protégés to “SHOW UP!” I smile as I think about the power of those words once they are implemented. I have a “Show UP!” story that will knock your socks off.


Robbie Motter

Robbie loves connecting people and showing them the POWER of SHOWING UP and ASKING for what it is they want and need.

As we approached 2013, I had to think about my goals for the coming year. What did I want to accomplish? I knew for certain that I wanted to continue to pursue my passion in creative thinking.

As I reflected about what my life would look like, I realized I was operating in separate worlds. I had my creative kindred spirits, my geek gurus, my sales stars, my professional women, and finally I had my social media maniacs. I enjoyed them all but I seemed to engage with them in separate silos.

What am I lacking I asked myself? I wish I could find a project that would engage all of my different interests. Then one evening  while I lay sleepless in bed I am still thinking about my future.

My sweet geek is travelling and away from home so I know I will engage in the forbidden. He admonishes me to never ever post or tweet in the middle of the night. Feeling a bit wicked; I softly pad over to my glowing computer and begin to scan the contents. This seems to be the perfect time to read Dan Pink’s latest newsletter.

I have been a fan of Dan Pink’s for years. When he wrote “A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers will Rule The Future,” I read it and I was hooked. He validated me when he opened my eyes to the value of how I approach the world. It seems I am not crazy after all; and he helps me understand that my weirdness is good. Better yet, I learned that my particular skill set will become more valued. I felt as if he wrote his book about me!

Now Dan Pink is assembling a team of 96 hardy and creative souls to help launch his book, TO SELL IS HUMAN. Do I dare SHOW UP and fill out the application to become a part of his elite squad? After all I am hardy and I am creative. Can you think of anything better for me to do in the middle of the night when there is an empty application calling out to me? I can hear Robbie Motter’s voice in my mind, SHOW UP!

I did it, I dared to SHOW UP! Imagine my delight when a few days later I received an email directly from Dan Pink.

It said, “You’re in! We’re delighted to welcome you as one of the 96 elite members of the TO SELL IS HUMAN Launch Team. (You were selected from a deluge of hundreds upon hundreds of applicants — so hearty congratulations for making the cut.) Over the next six weeks, we’ll be relying on your talent and energy to spread the word about the book and to excite others about the ideas it contains.”

Because I SHOWED UP others in my network will also be able to partake of some very valuable freebies offered by Dan Pink but only for those who are first movers. If this describes you, then you should visit his website.

Once again, Robbie Motter, taught me to SHOW UP and a fabulous project appeared that integrates all of my various interests in women, technology, sales, and creativity. I will be blogging about my journey as part of Dan Pink’s inner circle.

Now ask yourself where do you need to SHOW UP?

Full disclosure: I am a member of the To Sell Is Human launch team and will be receiving the goodies above as well as the advance reading copy of the book and a signed copy of the hardcover. I am not being paid for my review (good or bad) or receiving any other compensation. I have paid for all the other copies of Dan’s books that I own as well as those I have given away as gifts. In other words, I am not in this for the freebies and accolades but because I really admire Dan’s books and ideas.


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