Best Place to listen to the Drifters, Motown, and eat Cuban food is at Mojitos Cuban Cafe in Greenville, SC

Mojitos Cuban Cafe

Fun with friends and the mic!

I love listening to music and sitting with friends over a great meal and drinks. 

However, the economic meltdown has made me much more conscious of finding a place with great value that also serves excellent home cooked food, and is loaded with a relaxed, friendly and warm ambience.

Much to my delight I found such a place at Mojitos Cuban Cafe.  You will not be surprised to learn they serve authentic Cuban food.  However, you will be surprised to learn that the original drummer for the Drifters provides entertainment as a DJ and as a singer every Saturday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m.

Mr. Magic
Listen to the sounds of the Drifters and Motown with Mr. Magic – Richard Baxter

As a young man, Richard Baxter, known as Mr. Magic, played drums for the Drifters when he was eleven years old.  He also played drums for Aretha Franklin as well as with Sam & Dave well known for “Soul Man.”  Richard Baxter was part of the history making effort when “Soul Man” defined soul as a genre.  This was one of the first songs by a black group to top the pop charts using the word “soul.” 

Mr. Magic, singing since he was four years old, now shares his remarkable voice with you and you can feel his energy, his passion for his music, and his caring for the audience.  If you wish, you can also have a turn at karaoke by the side of Richard Baxter or alone at the mic for the more daring.

This is a place filled with the aromatic smell of Cuban food prepared by the proprietor, Mimi.  It is a casual atmosphere and if you wish to dance, then you are welcome to do so.  My sweet geek, who never dances, could not resist and invited me out to the dance floor to shag to some beach music. 

Time for friends, fun, and music!
Only three blocks past River Falls Park

If you want a very inexpensive night out on the town eating authentic fresh Cuban food while  listening to fantastic music by the Drifters, and Motown, while spending time with friends, then you must go visit Mojitos located on the West End.  It is  just a few blocks from downtown Greenville on your way to the ball field.   You will receive a warm and caring welcome.

For more information please click here.  Are you coming out to Mojitos this coming Saturday?  I plan to be there.  The music begins at 8:00 p.m.  Come join us!


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