Vote for Barbie to be a computer engineer!

Have you ever wondered why more women do not go into careers in science and technology? Is it possible that we are not offering our young women cool and hip role models to show them that it is quite normal and it is fun to be a computer engineer?

Our young women may wonder, “Am I smart enough to do something that requires brains? Do I have the right stuff to go into science and technology? Is it normal for somebody who wants to be pretty and accepted by both boys and girls to become a computer engineer?”

The United States is no longer the world’s leader in creativity and innovation. Check out my prior blog post entitled,”Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the most innovative country of all?” Did you know that three million jobs went unfulfilled this past year in the field of science and technology in the United States alone?

Oftentimes you are not cool if you are female and you want to be a computer engineer. It is not unusual to suffer social ostracism. I speak from experience. I remember being the “nerd” in high school because I took advanced math courses. I was so embarrassed.

Therefore, how can we make it cool for young women to love mathematics in our middle and high schools?

Here is an article that you will find enlightening about the need to make math cool:  

Academics Say Make Math Cool to Promote U.S. Competitiveness

We must demonstrate to our young women that it is hip and cool to obtain the math education they need to pursue careers in science and technology.

You can make one small difference today to put our young women on the right path to embracing technology. You can send the message that it is is cool and hip to be a technical woman!

Go vote today for Barbie to become a computer engineer so she can become a role model to young women everywhere. Both men and women should vote.

It only takes two seconds, go to and vote for Barbie to be a computer engineer.


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Great post. Did you know that Sally Ride has been promoting science and math for young girls age 8-14. check out also on twitter

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