Unleash your creativity and prepare yourself for innovation. Culture and art are economic drivers for our national recovery!

How do you unleash your creativity and prepare yourself for innovation?   First Lady, Michelle Obama said, “ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when given the proper tools.”  

What tools do you need to promote the development of a creative economy?  Why do we even want a creative economy?   Think about our economic slowdown, our failed schools and our need to build a sustainable community.   

As you have witnessed over the past year, there has been a seismic shift in the skill set needed to be productive and successful during a recession.  You must develop your imagination and empathy to deal with all the surprises that an uncertain future brings to you.  

John J. Cimino, Jr., the founding president and CEO of  Creative Leaps International, made me aware of a proposed bold new investment in culture.  It is called “Art and the Public Purpose:  A New Framework.”   It offers five concepts as the key to our national recovery as well as our cultural recovery.

1.)    Use creativity for the common good.

2.)    Engage all of us.

3.)    Build on all of us.

4.)    Put artists to work to support cultural recovery.

5.)    Stand for the expression, supporting democratic media.

These principles support our values of creativity, equality, responsiveness, hard work and freedom.  We have within our grasp the ability to become more resilient, resourceful and inspiring.

Culture and art are powerful economic drivers.  You can send a powerful message to President Obama and Congress.  It is time to develop a coherent cultural policy.  If you wish to be part of this wonderful movement, you now have the opportunity. 

When you look back, you will be able to smile with pride and say to your children, I helped to transform our country.  We have great schools, jobs are plentiful, and our communities are inspired.  You developed your creativity because you supported a movement to give you access to the right tools.  We were once ordinary and now we are extraordinary!

You should not delay, take action today, and sign the petition.  For more information click here “New Cultural Policy.” 

Click to endorse now!

Now that you have signed it, tell your friends about it.  Thank you!


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