Bala Kanayson Enhances Your Inner Creativity and Increases Your Productivity

Bala Kanayson, Whole Mind Success

Bala Kanayson, Whole Mind Success

How often have you wished you could silence the constant talking that is going on in your head? You are trying to be an effective leader and grow your business, yet all of this chatter is interfering with your productivity. I recently heard Bala Kanayson address this issue. His solution includes developing your inner creativity.

How would you like to be able to learn proven methods to increase your creativity and productivity? Imagine being able to use your left and right brain, your conscious mind, and your subconscious mind in a deliberate manner.

Bala Kanayson uses Whole Mind Success as a unique method of using the whole mind in both our business and personal lives. He uses recent developments in neuroscience and psychology, combined with methods of silencing the mind to reduce the constant “noise” in our heads.

Extensive neurological research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) demonstrates how you can actually change the internal structure of your brain. Bala Kanayson uses proven scientific techniques to build new neuronal circuits that enhance creativity and develop new skills.

I asked Bala, “Now what kinds of skills do you mean?” He outlined some of the crucial skills we all need to be exceptional performers in our lives such as:

• Becoming a more effective leader.
• Reducing stress in your life.
• Finding new ways to solve difficult problems.
• Using both sides of the brain for maximum productivity and creativity.
• Mastering the art of silencing your mind.
• Setting goals and empowering yourself to achieve them.
• Communicating effectively with others.
• Defining your path for success and achieving it.

I was astounded. It seems you can overcome decades of social conditioning and preconceptions. The outcome results in a more complete transformation of each individual’s thinking and behavior.

I asked Bala, “Do you mean I can have increased self-esteem, improved study skills, and become more effective with my business decision making ability?

“Absolutely, you are correct!” Bala responded.

Now think about the significance of the impact upon your life if you decide to develop your creative thinking by using both sides of the brain for maximum productivity and creativity! If you are an engineer you could create new engineering designs. If you are an artist you could develop more creative artwork. If you are an athlete you could improve your performance in sports.

Now, you must go to to listen to Paul Lawrence Vann’s interview of Bala Kanayson on The Wealthy Speaker Show on blogtalkradio.  You will be pleased you followed my recommendation.


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I went to one of Bala’s seminars years ago – it was great!
I was expecting the typical motivational salestalk, but it was really useful. He gave us the science behind it and actually showed us methods we could use to increase creativity. Most of my colleagues felt the same way and we saw some significant work improvements and also changes in ourselves!
He needs to help more people before the dumbing-down of America becomes irreversible.

- Jeff

Just wanted to introduce myself.. Im Sean… glad to be here! Does anyone have any recommendations / advice on using this site?

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