Powerful Creativity Tools for Innovation

David Tanner, PhD., author of Igniting Innovation, Through the Power of Creative Thinking will be a keynote speaker this week in La Jolla, CA at the 15th annual conference of “Innovation Convergence.” This is a group composed of members from business and industry with an active interest in the innovation field.

You often hear from many experts in the field of creativity and innovation. However, they often speak from a theoretical construct. David Tanner was Director of the DuPont Center for Creativity and Innovation. In that role he applied six dimensions including: the creativity-innovation connection, creating a supportive environment, developing creative thinking as a skill, the sources of innovation, motivating momentum, and protecting your inventions.

In his book, Igniting Innovation, Through the Power of Creative Thinking, David Tanner explains how to use creative thinking techniques to create unexpected value and gives many examples in his book. He shares his experience with developing new products, creating new processes, driving cost reductions, resolving controversial issues, igniting needs driven innovations in education, and creating value with discovery-driven innovation.

His topic at the conference is “Defending the Business of Innovation, Ignite your Innovation Competitive Edge through Powerful Creativity Tools.” If you have the opportunity to attend, you must go.

For details on the 2009 Innovation Immersion conference, please go to: Innovation Immersion.

To learn practical techniques for applying creativity and innovation, you may go to: Ignite Innovation

I often refer to his book and have the good fortune to discuss his ideas with him. His ideas are invaluable and have the power to improve your organization.


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